Mateo Torres

Postdoctoral Associate
Cornell University

I work on Computational Biology. Specifically, I focus on Protein Function Prediction, and have collaborated in the development of automatic annotation algorithms and functional databases such as S2F, CoREx, and LanDis.

In addition to Computational Biology, I am interested in the development and adoption of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, especially when it helps combating climate change.

Academic stuff

I got a PhD in Computer Science at Royal Holloway, University of London specialising in Computational Biology. Before that, I graduated from Universidad Católica "Nuestra Señora de la Asunción" with an Engineering degree in Computer Science, specialising in many-objective optimisation using the Particle Swarm meta-heuristic.


See all my publications in Google Scholar.

Selected Publications


I currently work as a Postdoctoral Associate at the Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology at Cornell University. I work with Prof. Haiyuan Yu's lab.

Previously, I worked as a Postdoctoral Research Assistant at Fundação Getúlio Vargas

During my undergraduate years I worked in web development until 2015, when I joined the PaccanaroLab group as a PhD Student under the supervision of Prof. Alberto Paccanaro.


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